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Everyday we are faced with unlimited possibilities, yet our everyday seems to be the same as the last, my project aims to make the viewer conscious of the decisions before them and force them to make a choice based on no additional information to inform them.

The project focuses around a box. The very action of opening the box starts a game where the protagonist is the user and the narrative is there existence, the box becomes a part of their narrative if they like it or not; the question is, do they press the button or not?

- It’s a question without an answer.

The box is triggered upon opening where a red button is illuminated, and a timer begins to count down from 60 seconds, the player is faced with a narrator describing their situation and laying out their options.

[The button itself does nothing but shutdown the system and the same happens if the countdown hits 0… however the user is left not knowing what the consequences are and how they could have influenced their lives] – magnetically bound, and electromagnetically triggered upon the box opening; the aim is to bring to the users attention the very act of decision making.