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Soy Sauce The Shit Out Of It

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This personal project is a set of one off screen prints based around a conversation I overheard in my university first year accommodation, while listening to two housemates talk about their bodged stir-fry, one said to the other:

"just soy sauce the shit out of it."

I thought to myself that it was an almost beautiful moment in time of my life and wanted to capture that moment in a way I would enjoy to see as well as capture my memory for personal reflection. This is one of several in a series I plan to finish creating based around my experience at university in my first year.
The audience myself, the purpose unknown, the message..."soy sauce the shit out of it"

This project was done in collaboration with @_harry_reeve_ an illustration student and an amazing hand letterer who created about 15 variations of the overlaying type to my specification. I'll try and find some more of the original type variations drawn by Harry R and upload below.

Here you can see the screens from which the final poster was made. The screens are A1+ with my final poster being about A2+ in size.