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During this task I created a small python application that allows a user to input text to be translated; however the outcome isn’t as expected. Using the Google’s API the program is able to take the users input (text to be translated), a series of languages at random (number choosen by user), then pass it through a loop of translation. This means the text will be passed though randomised languages back to back passing through the differences between language structure and cultrual phrases, then re-translating the final outcome back in to the users langauge. This ultimetly means no result will ever be the same and unlock the mistakes of the machine.

For a bit of fun I’ve recently been experimenting with a Epson TM-T20 thermal receipt printer and saw this as quite a fun project to practise implimenting it with. This gives the user a printout of there input and output alongside a list of all the languages their text has gone through. This could be particularly intresting within a housing as a stand alone piece as its interactivity is oddly satisfying. However this was all done for a bit of fun and allowed me to learn new skills. If you’re intrested in running this youself the code is avaliable to access and download on Github. https://github.com/elliotth30/mis-translator