Matter is a project I started in order to create an awareness of local artists, designers and fellow creatives by exhibiting works and celebrating the culture of printed matter. Recently established I've already hosted a successful exhibition event with the organisation of the next already started.

Along with the exhibition events Matter is running a series of screenings and current work in developing the organisation to for-profit for sustainability, allowing for growth, with plans for a web platform and subscription service bringing print lovers directly to local artists and designers that create it. This allows us to not only give the credit they deserve but the financial input they need to help further future independent works.

The organisation for the event was a lot more difficult than first anticipated. The initial difficulty was gaining a go ahead from the university in terms of booking out the space I had in mind; which wasn't actually a bookable space, and intercepted important events and deadlines the surrounding departments had.

To speed up the process I took the plunge and created all the promotional material and brand page ahead of time and published it in anticipation of getting the go ahead - which never really got green lighted.

The important aspect of this project to me was to create a community outside of just my course and to really blur the lines between art and design all whilst celebrating printed matter and the enjoyment of making. The overall idea of MATTER came from a suggestion I had put in the university library: "please add a zine library of student created work" as for an arts university the idea of not having one just seemed unbelievable. With the name "MATTER" created in conversation with @alexbassett8 ; a co-founder of @icbqonline.

Now I'm really excited to say that myself and the university library have been liaising and I am currently organising the creation of a permanent fixture within the library with construction already started. Please feel free to check that out as will upload that as a separate project.