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An art gallery located in Manchester has been set up to champion the work of emerging artists, recognising the difficulties they face in getting their work exhibited. It wants to disrupt the conventions of a stale art-world dominated by big galleries and big money. They see art practice as a cultural and social force for good, and want to challenge the notion of art as an investment vehicle for the wealthy

MCR Gallery is vision to transform Manchester and the surrounding areas; creating social change with art based out-reach programs to support, educate and engage with our community. So how do we do it?

The shipping container; we’re revolutionising the concept of a modern-day gallery. By creating modular program centres, we are able to bring the support directly to the communities who need it, breaking social elitism within art and the boundaries to education.

By removing a centralised location and creating multiple outposts it means we can run a variety of events all at the same. So, you can be sure that there is something for you; from after school clubs, film screenings and classes in traditional and digital arts you’ll be confident you’re getting the finest Manchester has to offer.