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ICBQ WorkShop: Day 2

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@icbqonline Workshop Day 2/2:
Continuing to explore the idea of freedom and limitations, this time creating a publication, raising the question of what freedom means to us as designers.

Really great workshop creating a publication with 3rd years @ernest_wereko @freyahdesign @tramaine_graphics. In one day making a physical piece of print.

The publication is split up in to individual sections where we hyper-focused on imagery; however limited within a 2x2 & 2x3 grid.

My section (images 10 -12) is full of spelling mistakes and the exploration of what design means to me - by questioning the boundaries between art and design and the idea of conscious decisions. Unfortunately due to time limitations this is way more limited in explanation that I would of liked but overall really proud of the group outcome.

Really big thank you to all the ICBQ lot for giving up their time to run the workshop.