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Adana 8x5 Press

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In early 2019 I managed to pick up an original Adana 8x5 printing press for £100 from a scrapyard in Penzance, Cornwall. I have absolutely no restoration or metal works experience of any kind (or tools.)

Yet decided to give a go at restoring it regardless; in the hopes that my love of type would motivate me to finish the project.  


About a year ago I brought a 1960's Adana printing press from the amazing @revampcornwall and have been working on it ever since. In hindsight it was prohaps a little two ambitious of a project for someone with litteraly no restoration/tool/metal work knowledge to take on.

About a year later, plenty of
, and a new found hatred for white vinegar and wet/dry sand paper - I have finally completed my restoration of my press. The bright orange paintjob may be a frowned upon by the hardcore "press enthusiasts" but I couldn't be happier with it.

All the parts have been fully striped back and restored by hand, with replacement parts sourced from, and helped by, an amazing community of people who really treasure these machines. Now I finally have some 3D printed trucks, a new pair of rollers and ink; I've finally been able to make my first prints; not a masterpiece by far... However won't be long untill I'm sure I can jam it into a project.

Big thanks to @revampcornwall for contacting me when they got the press in and doing me a great deal. And thank you to adanapress.info for hooking me up with the parts I needed and more.

Tasks that needed doing:Dismantled, Cleaned, Anti-Rust Treatment, Buffed, Primed, Main paint coat,clear-coat/Varnis, Ink-roller replacements, New solid wood base, Rebuild